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Can't install CocosSharp

I would like to create a game for Android, so I started following a tutorial for CocosSharp. The tutorial tells me to install CocosSharp with the Add-in Manager of Xamarin by just browsing the gallery for the library and clicking install. Unfortunately, I can't find it in the gallery (as shown in the image below).

As I can't seem to find another way to install it, how can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi man, I can not help you to fix that problem in particular, but here is a link to a working Xamarin.Forms/Cocossharp Multi Platform Solution. Android is the only one that definetely works in this one, but thats what you want right ;)

    Just delete the scrollview and you have an empty project good to go

  • SafronSafron USMember

    Thank you both! I will try both your solutions, but I hope that I can do a clean setup in the nearby future. Hopefully they will add it again soon.

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem.. I've just installed Xamarin Studio and I can't find CocosSharp in the gallery. Have you found a solution? I was under the impression that CocosSharp is free, but now I'm wondering if it needs a pro version.

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