XS Alpha feedback 6.1. - build 4963

Hi all,
I'm not sure if this is the 'formal' way for users to provide feedback about Alpha and Beta usage of Xamarin Studio, but I have some comments I'd like to post. I'm working on a project and decided to switch to the XS Alpha version and give it a chance. I'm using 6.1 (build 4963) at the moment and it looks great, however I have been dealing with some constant issues. Here are some comments: (to continue improving XS)

1) The debug sessions when working on a device disconnect quite often. This was not happening when using the previous stable version.
2) The right-click context menus seems to be were I find the most problems:
a) Some options are not available at times. For instance, at times there is no option to rename an item. To fix I need to re-start XS.
b) No way to navigate to declarations. I have to use command 'D' shortcut. This should be in the menu.
3) Renaming functions causes wrong naming on other instances found, mostly the change get appended twice.
4) Previous alpha - Double click on a XAML file causes XS to freeze. This one seems to be working on build 4963.
5) At times XS would not recognize different parts in a class definition. For instance, functions will not show in the typical function's assigned color. After a while everything may be recognized and color as required. I guess XS is analyzing files when that happens.

Looking good though. Kudos to team.

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