How to reference downloaded assets within a WebView in a shared PCL Project

I am downloading a zip file from our server which contains html files, images, css etc. unzipping the files and saving them within the PCL using PCLStorage nuget package.
To view the content I am using a WebView to display the html that has been loaded successfully via reading in a stream and converting to byteArray to get at the HTML.
The problem is that relative references to images, css & js do not work even when setting the baseUrl for the HtmlSource using a dependency service as suggested in other support topics. (tested on Android and iOS simulators)
How can I load these downloaded assets in the WebView?


  • KenBrowerKenBrower USMember

    Anyone find an answer for this? We have the same issue and cannot figure out how to use files stored under the PCLStorage.FileSystem folders in a WebView. Looking for a solution that works for iOS, Andriod and Windows UWP.

  • Anybody?

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