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Interact with multiple apps using Xamarin Test Cloud agent.


We are working on a chat client. And we are building 2 Apks with different namespace. Hence, We can install 2 apks of similar app.
This helps us in doing the send and receive testing of our apps. We want to automate the same using Xamarin Test Cloud.
In my local testing, I am able to install two apps. I am even able to do two things from different apps sequentially using Xamarin test cloud.
But have certain queries to implement this as full fledged automation:

1) I want to go back or go to home with xamarin test? I was not able to find any option for that. How to do this?
2) In my local machine, I tried to install other app using second app object. I was able to launch the same and do certain things. But how do I switch between apps? Also, will it be possible to do the same in Xamarin Test Cloud? If yes, what would be the command to install more than one app?
3) We have one more app, in which we need to interact with system camera. Or share the customized pics on whatsapp or other apps. How to get those apps installed in Xamarin Test Cloud devices. And how to execute the same via Xamarin Test Cloud?

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