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Xamarin.UITest.dll version and test-cloud.exe version incompatability in VSTS

I am trying to run UI test script through VSTS. I am using Xamarin.UITest 1.3.8.
I am getting the following error.

"Xamarin.UITest.dll version ( and test-cloud.exe version ( are incompatible."

I checked my nuget packages. Its adding Xamarin.UITest 1.3.8 version but its unable to get matching test-cloud.exe version.

In the packages folder, we have both Xamarin.UITest 1.0.0 and Xamarin.UITest 1.3.8. If I delete Xamarin.UITest 1.0.0 from the packages folder and build the app then, I am getting this error:

Mono Shared Runtime is not supported. This can be resolved by changing the project configuration or using a Release build.

I do not have shared mono checked in. Still getting this one,
Can you please help ??

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