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Convert .NET Application for windows to iOS and Android


I have hired a software development company to develop one software for my company using .NET framework. I am not very technical when it comes to programming language. I gave them detailed requirements and about 30 various modules that I needed in my software. Now we are at the final stages of finishing the software and I asked them to give me an exe file for desktop application and also covert it into Windows Universal Platform so it can be loaded onto windows based tablets as an app. They said they would do this. Now it occurred to me that if there could be any way we could also convert this app into iOS and Android App. When I did some research I came to know about something called Xamarin. My question to this forum is that is it possible to use the same .NET based application on visual studios to create an iOS and Android Apps? I asked my software development company about this and they said they have no clue about this. If this is possible then I can insist them on creating iOS and Android Apps at an extra cost. But before that I wanted to make sure that it was possible.

I would greatly appreciate if technical people from this forum can help me and educate me on this.


  • MelaniMelani IDMember

    Can you solve your problem?

  • Lakhan124Lakhan124 INMember ✭✭

    no its not possible right from starting of the development you have to develop app in xamrin with considering shared app developement

  • vickykhoslavickykhosla INMember

    Melani, Lakhan is correct. It has to be developed in xamarin from the beginning. We have hired a few developers now to develop the same app for iOS and Android from scratches. It cannot be converted. It has to be developed all over again for different platforms now. If you have any software that you want to develop for different platforms then we can do it for you. Let me know if you need any help.

  • ConwayConway USMember ✭✭

    The last two comments are a little misleading. If one is considering only the UI, then the statements are correct; the Windows app UI cannot be re-used in an iOS or Android app. Your iOS and Android apps will each require a new UI layer. If your UI is fairly straight forward, you could look at Xamarin Forms ( which supports writing one UI layer that works on iOS, Android and Windows.

    Most apps have a bunch of code that isn't related to the UI, and a lot of this code is re-usable using Xamarin for iOS and Android. There are some limitations: and

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