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Unable to find nunit.framework during the build, even though the assembly exists ( Xamarin Android)

ASyedASyed USMember ✭✭

Hi I am using VSTS for CI. For my Xamarin Android application during the build process it is trying to test the app on cloud, it's failing as it is not able to find nunit.framework.dll file in the project. I am using Nunit Version 2.6.4

The NuGets in the project are included in the output directory but still, I am getting the issue, can you please help me with it?

VSTS: Test Assembly Directory: Solution/Droid.UITests

Unable to find the nunit.framework.dll in the assembly directory. In Xamarin Studio you may have to right-click on the nunit.framework reference and choose Local Copy for it to be included in the output directory.

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