SkiaSharp library needs docs, samples, and helper methods: define arc (from/to angle)

DanVanderboomDanVanderboom USUniversity ✭✭

I'm using SkiaSharp to draw some custom radial controls. The SkiaSharp documentation isn't very helpful yet; adding some basic descriptions and images of example curves and control points (the Wikipedia Bezier curves pages have great examples) for each of the path operations (ConicTo, CubicTo, QuadTo, etc) would go a long way to helping Xamarin developers use this new library productively. (Documentation for the underlying Google Skia library isn't very helpful, either.)

The Skia library is missing some common drawing functions, such as drawing an arc from a start angle to an end angle. Adding helper methods in SkiaSharp to make these calculations and provide these functions would be very helpful, or maybe adding to the underlying Skia library. Either way, some additional drawing primitives would make this library much more useful to Xamarin developers.



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