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Error While creating Java Binding Library (Twilio)

Hello i have the errors when try create binding.

Com.Twilio.Ipmessaging.IPMessagingClientListener.cs(45,45): Error CS0102: The type `Com.Twilio.Ipmessaging.ErrorEventArgs' already contains a definition for `p0' (CS0102) (TwilioJarBinding)
Com.Twilio.Ipmessaging.IPMessagingClientListener.cs(52,52): Error CS0102: The type `Com.Twilio.Ipmessaging.ErrorEventArgs' already contains a definition for `P0' (CS0102) (TwilioJarBinding)

I tried to fix in Metadata.xml

<attr path="/api/package[@name='com.twilio.ipmessaging']/class[@name='ErrorEventArgs']/field[@name='p0']" name="managedName"> p1 </attr>
<attr path="/api/package[@name='com.twilio.ipmessaging']/class[@name='ErrorEventArgs']/field[@name='P0']" name="managedName"> P1 </attr>

but it's not helped


public partial class ErrorEventArgs : global::System.EventArgs {

    public ErrorEventArgs (global::Com.Twilio.Ipmessaging.IErrorInfo p0)
        this.p0 = p0;

    global::Com.Twilio.Ipmessaging.IErrorInfo p0; // error!
    public global::Com.Twilio.Ipmessaging.IErrorInfo P0 { // error
        get { return p0; }
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