HockeyApp + Xamarin SDK ? Custom

Hello, I have successfully set up HockeyApp for my Android app using the NuGet package HockeySDK.Xamarin (4.1.0-beta1). But this package doesn't seem to support the Android Customization Options (

I can't add custom data like UserID, Contact, Description to the crash reports.

Here is how I initialize the CrashManager:

HockeyApp.CrashManager.Register(this, HOCKEYAPP_APPID, new CustomCrashManagerListener());

    class CustomCrashManagerListener : CrashManagerListener
        public override bool ShouldAutoUploadCrashes()
            return true;
        public override string UserID
                return "UserID";

HockeyApp support says the package is developed by Xamarin, so they have no access to the source code.
And Xamarin Insights is shutting down.

Is there any other way or alternative NuGet package (or source code) as a workaround?

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  • ClaudioLavClaudioLav USMember

    Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for the update. Any idea when beta2 is coming out?



  • ShawnDyasShawnDyas USUniversity ✭✭

    Hi Claudio,

    This should be out sometime this week, unfortunately I cannot give a pinpoint ETA at this time.


  • LukasSpiessLukasSpiess DEMember

    @ClaudioLav We released 4.1.0-beta2 this week which fixes this issue. Can you check it out and see if your issues are fixed? Thanks! :)

  • ClaudioLavClaudioLav USMember

    Hi Lukas,

    Working just fine now!

    Many thanks! :smile:

  • anandjitbanerjeeanandjitbanerjee USMember ✭✭
    Can we send custom data like username etc. in crash reports while using hockey app for Xamarin Android applications?
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