Using Unity in a Xamarin Android App

SergioVianaSergioViana PTUniversity, Certified XTC Partners

Hi guys,

We have a customer that wants to use Unity inside a regular Xamarin.Android app (not a game). The idea is to have a menu where one of the options would open a view with the AR experience.

we've been looking for a way to do it and we haven't found any. We have done it using Wikitude, for instance, but not using a Vuforia / Unity combination. Apparently others have told him it is possible but we haven't found anything on it yet.

Can anyone help?




  • FelixAwehFelixAweh NLMember

    Hi Sergio,
    I will want to do something similar. Build a cross platform app using Xamarin and Vuforia.
    I will like to know if you found a solution in achieving it?

    kind regards,

  • I am also trying to work on that... many forums say its not possible. I exported the Unity to native projects and then importing them to Xamarin. That is a long way, but somewhere people say that it is not possible to run two instances of Mono in same process, so even this is going to be futile.

    If i find anything i'll post here...
    If anyone finds a solution, please post here...


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