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Box2D Density having no effect (v1.6.2)


I'm having an issue with Density ( and Mass ) having no effect on the apparent weight of my physics bodies in Box2D. Everything is set up correctly and otherwise working perfectly, i'm using a PTM ratio to scale all of my physics units to world units etc - but instantiating objects with different density values has no effect, everything falls with gravity at exactly the same speed. I've tried setting the body.mass value manually afterwards, as well as doing SetMassData on the bodies fixtures with new values, but none of these have any effect either..

Is this a known problem or am i possibly missing something obvious here?

I have rolled back from 1.7.1 to Cocosharp.PCL.Shared.1.6.2 because b2ContactListener isn't working in the newer version, not sure if that makes any difference to this.


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  • MidnightCowMidnightCow GBMember

    You are absolutely right.. It never occurred to me before that mass has no effect on the freefall velocity of an object! I guess the obvious solution to that then would be to factor in the air resistance caused by mass and surface area..

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