Debugger stopped working correctly

ncharlesncharles GBMember

I'm working on an OS X application using Xamarin Studio and everything was going well, until I noticed a small bug. While trying to use Debug to see what was happening, I realised debug was no longer working! It wouldn't always stop at breakpoints and if it did stop, it was no longer 'aligned' with the source code. That is, I could see what the debugger was showing me was the current line was off by one or two lines. It is also jumping through the code in what seems to be an erratic fashion in that you will going along nicely line by line, try to trace into a function and instead of going into the function the app runs through to completion.

Has anybody seen this behaviour before? I'm thinking I might have a problem with my ViewController.cs file as it also is showing me 'errors' that don't exist. That is, something is highlighted as an error in the editor and you can even hover over it and see an error message, but when you compile the code it compiles correctly with no errors and runs.

Is there any harm in reinstalling Xamarin Studio? Or is there a way to repair it to see if that makes a difference?

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