Workbooks & Inspector 0.9.0 Released

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We're happy to announce Workbooks & Inspector 0.9.0 featuring a good deal of polish, especially on Windows with full HiDPI support and vastly improved markdown editing.

Most notably however, this release features a new run button below each code cell and new thoughtfully defined keyboard shortcuts regarding the behavior of the return key (see Release Highlights below for details).



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Release Highlights

  • Code cells now feature a run button below the cell editor.
  • The .workbook file format has changed slightly. The metadata at the top of each file is now familiar YAML Front Matter instead of obnoxious JSON. The old format is still supported and will migrate to the new one on save.
  • Workbooks and Inspector clients are now separate apps with distinct branding.
  • Workbooks markdown can now reference images and other files relative to the .workbook file.
  • iOS workbooks and app inspection now expose the RootViewController convenience API.
  • Android workbooks on Windows will now do a better job of creating firewall exceptions needed in order to connect to the app in the emulator.
  • provides guidance for some common problems.

  • Return Key Highlights

    • Cmd/Ctrl+Return executes the current code cell.
    • Shift+Return always inserts a new line.
    • Cmd/Ctrl+R executes the entire workbook from top to bottom ("Run All").
    • Details are available in our documentation.


  • SandyArmstrongSandyArmstrong USXamarin Team, Insider Xamurai

    Heads up to Windows users: we've identified a bug in 0.8.1 and 0.9.0 that breaks checking for updates in the app.

    We will roll a quick fix release next week to address this. Anybody using 0.8.1 or 0.9.0 on Windows will have to manually download and install the next version.

  • SandyArmstrongSandyArmstrong USXamarin Team, Insider Xamurai has the fix. All download links have been updated, here and in the release notes.

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