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Good evening,

I have been integrating a project for a few months now, and we are now wondering what is the best way to build an offline Microservice based architecture.
Meaning, every service (small apps without UI) will be available on the same device, and feed the main application (the UI one) in some way.

Ideally, we would like to use a simple pub/sub message broker, but we haven't found one that allows this offline communication.

What would you recommend?



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    I can't seem to find a cross-platform solution...

    So my question is: in android, what would be the best way to establish a 2-way communication?

    If the modules are Services and use Messenger class, I can send messages from the client (main application) to them.
    How can I send messages from the Service to the main app? Sending a Broadcast doesn't seem to work when the app isn't in the foreground. Should I have a service running in the main application instead?


  • This is something that I want to achieve as well, have you found any solutions? If you have, can you please share it?

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