Multiple Problems With Xamarin For Visual Studio - No XamarinInstaller.exe; Over 1K Errors!

To all Xamerin Techies:

I have had nothing but problems since trying to set up Xamarin for Visual Studio. I have Visual Studio Community 2015 installed on my workstation and tried the online video course from Xamarin University, "Installing Xamarin On Windows" by Jason DeBoever. I get different results - that is, different offerings on the screen in many cases - and the end result is a file that, when compiled, produces over 1,400 compiler errors.

I have tried the installation on two different workstations and also uninstalled and reinstalled Xamarin for Visual Studio. I am thinking the issue might have something to do with missing files or folder references but I'm at an utter loss to know where to look.

I have attached a Word file with screen shots of my installation process. At the end is a list of the errors generated by the Visual Studio compiler.

Has anyone else encountered any installation problems with this new "marriage" of Visual Studio and Xamarin?

Charles Tatum

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