Unable to Bind Category for STPopup Framework

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I'm currently working on a binding for the STPopup framework which shows a popup with a navigation controller (much like in the Facebook iOS app). I've gone through the steps of creating compatible lib files for simulator and arm and generated bindings through objective sharpie.

Unfortuantely, STPopup has what appears to be an extension of UINavigationController that needs binding and this is causing issues:

The definition generated is:

  // @interface STPopup (UIViewController)
[BaseType (typeof(UIViewController))]
partial interface UIViewController_STPopup
    // @property (assign, nonatomic) CGSize contentSizeInPopup;
    [Export ("contentSizeInPopup", ArgumentSemantic.Assign)]
    CGSize ContentSizeInPopup {get; set;}

    // @property (assign, nonatomic) CGSize landscapeContentSizeInPopup;
    [Export ("landscapeContentSizeInPopup", ArgumentSemantic.Assign)]
    CGSize LandscapeContentSizeInPopup {get; set;}

    // @property (readonly, nonatomic, weak) STPopupController * _Nullable popupController;
    [Static, NullAllowed, Export ("popupController", ArgumentSemantic.Weak)]
    STPopupController PopupController { get; }

This doesn't build because it contains fields inside a static class. Any ideas how to approach this?

My full code is available here: https://github.com/jamesmundy/Xamarin.STPopup/blob/master/BindingProject/STPopupBinding/STPopupBinding/ApiDefinition.cs

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