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Xamarin Profiler 0.33 preview released

DamianSuessDamianSuess USMember ✭✭

Another preview release of the Xamarin Profiler is available. Changes since last release


Display heaviest stack trace in Call Tree’s stack trace view
Performance and stability improvements
Re-enable Time instrument for Android profiling


Use icons for right-side tabs
Change colors to match dark theme
Display timing information in Time instrument’s Call Tree view, not memory


Improve look of right-side tabs
Remember window size and position
Remember inspector area’s divider position

Bugs fixed:

39412 - Scrolling problems in Call Tree view
39810 - Scrolling problems in Stack Trace view
39656 - Unable to start profiling with Trial license
38300 - Missing keyboard support in template selector dialog
40397 - Invalid license checks
40598 - Drill down area not reset when restarting runs
40600 - Wrong scrolling when ‘Show in call tree'

This is a preview release and there are definite limitations, including but not limited to:

  • No official support for profiling Release builds
  • Data sets are correct at time of collection but data mining and representation is preliminary. This will improve in future releases.
  • Time instrument not available for tvOS profiling
  • Support for Xamarin.Mac app profiling is preliminary
  • Enabling Boehm for iOS builds results in no useful data on devices, as allocations and calls need to be disabled
  • Performance with large apps has been improved, but still lacking some
  • Installation on Windows with previous versions (>= 0.24) fails, so old versions need to be uninstalled first

We encourage users to get in touch and file bug reports so we can continue to make this tool more useful and more stable.

Note, I am not a Xamarin employee. Feel free to remove my post & use an office one. The release notes were respectfully submitted as a supportive developer. Go, Xamarin!


  • RodrigoMoyaRodrigoMoya ESXamarin Team Xamurai

    @DamianSuess indeed, thanks for posting it here. Now that we have the announcements on the release blog, I was thinking on not updating the forum anymore, but I guess it makes sense to continue doing so, as some people might not read the releases blog, so please feel free to add the announcements yourself if we miss it again.

  • DamianSuessDamianSuess USMember ✭✭

    Thank you, @RodrigoMoya for your feedback. Honestly i was going to say, if you guys want to have your official post by an employee or moderator, feel free to delete mine & post your own. No hard feelings would occur either.

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