UrhoSharp 1.0.500 Released (UWP support)

EgorBoEgorBo BYXamarin Team ✭✭✭


  • PREVIEW: UWP support (x86 only). See FeatureSamples.
  • DirectX11 renderer (UWP and optional for Windows)
  • [Core] Viewport.SetClearColor - changes Clear Color
  • [Core] CoreAssets. You can now access all assets from CoreData via code, e.g. Model box = CoreAssets.Models.Box;
  • [Core] Add RenderPathCommand struct and AddCommand, SetCommand to RenderPath
  • [Core] Repl namespace, classes needed to work with Urho via Workbooks
  • [Core] RotateAroundBy action (rotates an object around the specified point)
  • [Android] New architectures: x86_64 and arm64-v8a


  • [Core] RenderPath - Surface AddCommand, SetCommand
  • [Core] PhysicsRaycastResult struct missing field
  • [Core] GetChildrenWithComponent doesn't work with custom components
  • [Core] Passing matrix4 to shader
  • [Android] Crash caused by onDestroy
  • [Android] Crash on input


  • JacobChirstJacobChirst USMember ✭✭

    +1 Woot

  • JulianWinterJulianWinter GBMember
    edited May 2016


    Where can I get a copy of the compiled assets Data.pak, which is required for the UWP samples to run?
    I was hoping that Data.pak would be in GitHub fo me to download and run.

    Its OK: I downloaded Urho3D from the Urho3D tools site, including the Package Tool, and then it was a simple matter of running the following command against the Data Assets folder:
    PackageTool Data Data.pak

    The UWP Samples work on my Surface Pro 64bit Intel Machine, but when I attempt to run the same on a Lumia 640 ARM device I get a BadImageFormat error, I suspect in the Packaged assets.



  • EgorBoEgorBo BYXamarin Team ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately, UWP UrhoSharp native lib doesn't support ARM yet.

  • Abhijeet_SuryaAbhijeet_Surya USMember ✭✭✭

    @EgorBo , does it supports ARM device now ?

    I am also getting same error like mention by @JulianWinter

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