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MonoTouch.Dialog - Adding "Foreign Keys"

I'm looking for an example of how to implement the equivalent of foreign keys into a MT.D view.

Say we've got a Car entity, and the car has a Make, and a Model, and a Model Year (etc.).

Makes are a collection of entities in the DB (or data model, or whatever), and Models are a similar collection of entities.

If I'm working on a Car detail view, and I have a Make item, this should be treated like an enumeration and a picker should pop up (or a radio set) for the user to select exactly one Make from the list of all possible Makes when they tap it.

Models should be constrained to only models of the selected Make, but otherwise, the same concept: all models for the selected Make should be displayed.

I can see how this automatically happens when the value of a field is an enumeration. How should it be done when the possible values are entities in another data store?


  • In the absence of any concrete feedback, I'm going to manually build a radio set out of the other database's entries and feed it into the new rootelement for that item.

    Is this the suggested means of doing this? Feels a little kludgey.

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