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One package per select ABI - build and sign

ZenDroidZenDroid USMember ✭✭✭

I selected option "Generated one package per selected ABI". But when I do "Publish Android app" only one apk is generated. I have tried these options:

  1. Build ABI Specific APKs - I downloaded project OneABIPerAPK, install ruby and tried build. But I have error:

    No such file or directory - msbuild /t:Package /p:AndroidSupportedAbis=armeabi ...

    I needed work file rakefile.rb for Windows.

  2. I tried "Create Android Package" in Xamarin Studio with Options -> Android Package Signing. I imported sign key to Xamarin Studio before build. In selected folder created apk for armeabi-v7a, armeabi, x86. But I get error when loaded one apk to google play:

    " Digital signature is different ..."

Please tell me - how to do it?


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