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Xamarin Forms authentication to UAG

I am newbie to mobile app development and Xamarin Forms. So, I apologize in advance if this is very basic or stupid question
Here is what my company is looking for -
We have SharePoint extranet deployed in SharePoint 2013 on-premise. We are NOT going to SharePoint online. We have one list on this SharePoint site. We are required to communicate with this list only through REST API calls. So, I need to authenticate through UAG and then pull up the list items. How do I go about authenticating the UAG. I have seen lot of articles about doing it for Facebook, Google, Azure but nothing for UAG part. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The second requirement is we have a Web Application through K2 that is also accessible through UAG. We submit a record to K2 through REST API call. How do I again authenticate with UAG and then communicate with REST.

I have downloaded When you run this application on iPhone or Android it actually authenticates using browser and then returns to the application. I am interested in doing similar stuff.



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