XAML custom functionality

ulinulin ESMember
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I would like to create a xaml markup that will just "group" together all the items contained whithin the opening and closing tags. Something like:

<Group x:Name="group1">
    <Label x:Name="label1"/>
    <Label x:Name="label2"/>

And then in codebehind something as simple as...

foreach item in group...

So you can then reference the group as a whole.

Controls could be scattered on distinct layouts. Then I would also like to do:

<Label x:Name="label3" Group="{TargetGroup group1"}" /> (this one I know already how to do it, but I'd like the first one too for a complete solution)

I'm not sure at how to go about it. Can you point me to the right direction?

Or can you provide a link with information regarding "XAML extensibility"?


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