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this is about the contest Xamarin is holding

the moderator from the Stack Overflow has taken action against my profile. as I got a lot of upvotes yesterday and they claim that it is by the same user. I teach Xamarin to my colleagues and hold a couple of seminars for friends who are interested in Xamarin to motivate them. I've been coding in Xamarin full time for last 6 months now may be. and I have started involving as many people as I can to code in Xamarin.

Because of yesterdays sudden upvotes, I've lost most of the scores as I was leading on rank 9 previously. How can I get those points back.
If this is not the concerned page to ask such questions.. apologies, please direct me to the concerned page here. sorry for taking your time.
Happy Coding.



  • ChrisHardyChrisHardy GBForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hey Akshay,

    I sent you a message about this on Twitter so we can continue this conversation there!



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