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Working With The Visual Studio Compiler


For a while now I have been having trouble trying to compile and deploy my programs on my physical debugging device, a Samsung S5 running Android API 19. I have done all I can think to do and have researched this subject for 3 days, most of what I have seen doesn't work at all or very quickly stops working after some initial success. Both computers I have worked with have been re-imaged and have had visual studio and Xamarin uninstalled and reinstalled as well as the android APK's. My Debugging phone has been tested on a fellow students computer and projects and seems to work fine. I have included what seems to be a verbose version of my debug log in an attempt to see what my issue is. The app that generated this log has not been modified from its default state in any way. To conclude the last line I receive from the output console is "ManifestTemplate: obj\Debug\android\AndroidManifest.xml"

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