Can't run Xamarin.iOS app from Visual Studio 2015 -- images not found (but present)

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Starting our Xamarin.iOS app from Visual Studio 2015 fails because image loading fails. The strange thing is that it works fine from Xamarin Studio, and even on my team mates' Visual Studio instances. And also since a few weeks ago, it has worked on my VS instance. So, in theory, the images should be there, but somehow when my VS build the app, they seem to be missing.


Also, when I build like from VS, the app icon is not present:


Obviously, when I run the app from XS, or from my team mate's VS, all is fine.

This is what I tried so far:

  • Restarting VS / Mac / PC
  • reconnecting to build host
  • Cleaning the Build before starting

Any suggestions what I could be doing in addition to these steps?

Thanks a lot!


PS: I'm running VS in a Parallels VM on a Mac. I'm using the latest stable version of Xamarin on both my Mac as in VS.

Version Infos from VS.

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015
Version 14.0.25123.00 Update 2
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.6.01055

Installed Version: Community

Visual Basic 2015   00322-20000-00000-AA412
Microsoft Visual Basic 2015

Visual C# 2015   00322-20000-00000-AA412
Microsoft Visual C# 2015

Visual C++ 2015   00322-20000-00000-AA412
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

Visual F# 2015   00322-20000-00000-AA412
Microsoft Visual F# 2015

Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio Package   5.2.60328.3
Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2015 (RC)   14.1.11116.0
ASP.NET and Web Tools 2015 (RC)

ASP.NET Web Frameworks and Tools 2012.2   4.1.41102.0
For additional information, visit

ASP.NET Web Frameworks and Tools 2013   5.2.40314.0
For additional information, visit

Azure App Service Tools v2.7.1   14.0.11112.0
Azure App Service Tools v2.7.1

Common Azure Tools   1.7
Provides common services for use by Azure Mobile Services and Microsoft Azure Tools.

GitHub.VisualStudio   1.0
A Visual Studio Extension that brings the GitHub Flow into Visual Studio.

JavaScript Language Service   2.0
JavaScript Language Service

JavaScript Project System   2.0
JavaScript Project System

JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1    Build 105.0.20160414.153548    
JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate package for Microsoft Visual Studio. For more information about ReSharper Ultimate, visit    resharper. Copyright © 2016 JetBrains, Inc.

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services Tools   1.4
Microsoft Azure Mobile Services Tools

NuGet Package Manager   3.4.2
NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio. For more information about NuGet, visit

PreEmptive Analytics Visualizer   1.2
Microsoft Visual Studio extension to visualize aggregated summaries from the PreEmptive Analytics product.

SQL Server Data Tools   14.0.60311.1
Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools

TypeScript tools for Visual Studio

Web Compiler   1.10.306
Compiler for LESS, Sass and CoffeeScript files

Web Essentials 2015.1   1.0.211
Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers. Requires Visual Studio 2015

Xamarin (0dd817c)
Visual Studio extension to enable development for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

Xamarin.Android (a94a03b)
Visual Studio plugin to enable development for Xamarin.Android.

Xamarin.iOS (3a25bf1)
Visual Studio extension to enable development for Xamarin.iOS.

Version Info on my mac:

=== Xamarin Studio Business ===

Version 5.10.3 (build 51)
Installation UUID: d38cfa9a-62af-4a31-b000-981eb8353d98
    Mono 4.2.3 (explicit/832de4b)
    GTK+ 2.24.23 (Raleigh theme)

    Package version: 402030004

=== Xamarin.Profiler ===

Version: 0.32.0
Location: /Applications/Xamarin Profiler

=== Apple Developer Tools ===

Xcode 7.3 (10183.3)
Build 7D175

=== Xamarin.iOS ===

Version: (Xamarin Business)
Hash: 5f11db8
Branch: master
Build date: 2016-03-25 21:26:55-0400

=== Xamarin.Android ===

Version: (Xamarin Business)
Android SDK: /Users/felixalcala/dev-android-sdk
    Supported Android versions:
        2.3   (API level 10)
        4.0.3 (API level 15)
        4.1   (API level 16)
        4.4   (API level 19)
        5.0   (API level 21)
        5.1   (API level 22)
        6.0   (API level 23)

SDK Tools Version: 24.4.1
SDK Platform Tools Version: 23.1
SDK Build Tools Version: 23.0.0

Java SDK: /usr
java version "1.7.0_71"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_71-b14)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.71-b01, mixed mode)

Android Designer EPL code available here:

=== Xamarin Android Player ===

Version: 0.6.5
Location: /Applications/Xamarin Android

=== Xamarin.Mac ===

Not Installed

=== Build Information ===

Release ID: 510030051
Git revision: f3c0d982165f785772d125f02668370d929014fb
Build date: 2016-03-24 18:51:31-04
Xamarin addins: ee5cfd3ecb6b20de47c1d25efb9a9abc101e8ce7
Build lane: monodevelop-lion-cycle6-c6sr3

=== Operating System ===

Mac OS X 10.11.4
Darwin Felixs-MacBook-Pro.local 15.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 15.4.0
    Fri Feb 26 22:08:05 PST 2016
    root:xnu-3248.40.184~3/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64
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