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UrhoSharp noob impressions

I'm have been looking for a way to render 3D objects an existing .NET application and stumbled upon Urho and it look promising. I especially like it because I have some Unity3D experience and its seems very transferable. The primary articles I have been looking at are as follows:

They need work and I'm not sure how or who to contact at Xamarin to get them fixed. There is a feedback submission on the page that accepts 250 characters only and they doesn't let you submit more than once. If these notes were rolled in to the documentation it would have saved me 4-6 hours and made the experience better. As it stands there are still a lot of things that are not clear that should be after reading this intro.


Here are my notes to date:

// Issues with Urho articles:
// o. Introduction article is incomplete code, almost not worth reading past the "Getting Start" section
// o. These are the notes up the the section on "Identification and scene hierarchy" from this article:
// o. How to install UrhoSharp in VS2015
// o. Install NuGet into Visual Studio
// Download installer from here:
// o. Install UrhoSharp
// In Visual Studio goto: Tools->NuGet Package Manager->Package Manager Console
// Follow install instructions on this page:
// PM> Install-Package UrhoSharp -Version 1.0.410
// o. Where to put your class
// In a file by itself
// o. How to get your class to run at starup
// o. Method 1
// o. Change this:
// [STAThread]
// static void Main()
// {
// Application.EnableVisualStyles();
// Application.SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault(false);
// Application.Run(new Form1());
// }
// o. To this:
// static void Main(string[] args)
// {
// DesktopUrhoInitializer.AssetsDirectory = @../../../../Assets;
// new MySample().Run();
// }
// o. Method 2
// o. Launch urho from a button on another form (do not modify main)
// private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// {
// MySample f = new MySample();
// f.Run();
// }
// o. Where to create the "Assets" folder.
// In the root of the project folder
// I'm not sure where to download the assets talked about in the article
// o. What referances are needed, I just added everything:
// using Urho;
// using Urho.Actions;
// using Urho.Audio;
// using Urho.Desktop;
// using Urho.Gui;
// using Urho.IO;
// using Urho.Navigation;
// using Urho.Network;
// using Urho.Physics;
// using Urho.Repl;
// using Urho.Resources;
// using Urho.Shapes;
// using Urho.Urho2D;
// o. The scene 'var' is not defined.
// o. The CameraNode 'var' is not defined
// o. The camera 'var' is not defined
// o. The Renderer.SetViewport case is incorrect and the code is missing a semi colon
// o. "And now you should be able to see the results of your creation."
// o. Only after you set the configuration manager to x64
// If you do not do this you will get the following exception: An unhandled exception of type 'System.BadImageFormatException' occurred in Urho.dll

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