Define background color on UIButton depending on state

In Xamarin.iOS - Is it possible to define the background color of an UIButton depending on the different states? Just as the SetTitleColor:

button.SetTitleColor(UIColor.White, UIControlState.Normal);
button.SetTitleColor(UIColor.Black, UIControlState.Disabled);

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  • CasperNybroeCasperNybroe USMember

    Thanks Gavin
    It worked perfectly.

  • Chris.3704Chris.3704 USUniversity ✭✭

    Another option if you don't want to sub-class UIButton is to create a Platform Effect in which you check if the Xamarin.Forms IsEnabled flag and set the Background accordingly.

                    Xamarin.Forms.Button element = Element as Xamarin.Forms.Button;
                    UIKit.UIButton control = Control as UIKit.UIButton;
                    // Set Button background color
                    if (element.IsEnabled)
                        control.BackgroundColor = enabledColor;
                        control.BackgroundColor = disabledColor;
  • JoeTomkinsonJoeTomkinson GBMember ✭✭

    @GavinGrant said:
    Yes. Try this Subclass UIButton.

    [Register("Button")] public class Button : UIButton { protected void SetBackgroundColorForState(UIControlState state) { switch (state) { case UIControlState.Normal: { BackgroundColor = <Your desire colour> break; } case UIControlState.Highlighted: { BackgroundColor = <Your desire colour> break; } case UIControlState.Disabled: { BackgroundColor = <Your desire colour> break; } } } public override bool Enabled { get { return base.Enabled; } set { base.Enabled = value; var state = value ? UIControlState.Normal : UIControlState.Disabled; SetBackgroundColorForState(state); } } public override bool Highlighted { get { return base.Highlighted; } set { base.Highlighted = value; var state = value ? UIControlState.Highlighted : UIControlState.Normal; SetBackgroundColorForState(state); } } }

    Excellent answer, exactly what I was looking for, such a simple way of adjusting the effects of different selection types. I'm already using this to create global appearances across certain controls, so adding to that is just gravy.

  • gayanpereragayanperera USMember ✭✭


    Super thanks....

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