Slow Performance Until You Re-Sign-In with Xamarin Account


I've notice that the Visual Studio IDE gets very slow if you don't log out and log in with your Xamarin account after the solution is opened in the VS. This slowing down also happens in intervals when the solution is already open.

Does someone know why this happens? Does Xamarin plugin gathering some information which is blocking something?

This performance attack occur when writing new code or modifying it... the letters comes about a 1-2 seconds behind -> Immidiately after the log out everything start work very fast (daily basis I must re-sign-in about 5 times). This issue started to occur after updating the latest version of Xamarin which is included to the Visual Studio.

Xamarin (0dd817c)
Xamarin.Android (a94a03b)
Xamarin.iOS (3a25bf1)

Before everything worked fast when I was using my business Xamarin account and older version of Xamarin Plugin.

-Jean Frans

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