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Bitmap Font CCLabel: Impossible to create font


Being a newbie I'm affraid I'm asking another simple question... but one has to learn...
So, I have a font (attached zip contains .fnt and .png) but when I try to use it I get this error: "Bitmap Font CCLabel: Impossible to create font".
Now, I'm not entirely sure about the font, so it may be wrong (I followed the only format spec I could find out there).
Or, maybe, I need to use the content pipeline (no idea how to do that).
Anyway, I'm going crazy about something so basic... and this seems so simple that I must be thinking about it in a completely wrong way.

So, my questions are: Does this font work for you? How? Should I use the content pipeline? How? What am I missing?
I'd like to ask something more concrete, but I'm really lost here.

I'm still reading tutorial code, and I tried with other fonts, but no luck.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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