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Build Tools 2013

The most recent upgrades on Windows have failed, stating that they require "MS Build Tools 2013" to be present.

It seems that later versions such as MS Build Tools 2015 won't do. Build Tools 2013 is available as a free download from MS, so it's not a huge hassle - but in the spirit of making these things seamless it would be helpful to your users if you could present them with a link to the exact version you require, and also maybe to check and see if you definitely can't work with later versions...


  • LewisWestburyLewisWestbury GBMember

    Ah unfortunately, once upgraded I'm sad to report that the Build fails immediately with error message: Build failed. See the build log for details.

    The Build Ouput tab in the Errors pad just shows the following:

    Building Solution: <project name> (Debug)
    ---------------------- Done ----------------------
    Build failed.
    Build: 1 error, 0 warnings

    Is there anywhere else we can look for a build log, or a meaningful error message? Thanks!

  • LewisWestburyLewisWestbury GBMember

    Rolling back to the Stable build fixes the issue for now :smile:

  • iFishLeeiFishLee USMember
    edited April 2016

    Why can't just use MSBuildTools 2015 instead of 2013....I'm confused.
    I decide not to install 6.0 currently as the msbuildtools 2013 not needed elsewhere.

  • LewisWestburyLewisWestbury GBMember

    As noted in it seems the fix is to use Xamarin as a feature of Visual Studio.

    The outstanding question now is: Which features am I paying for through my Indie subscripttion that are not now freely available through Visual Studio?

    I'm raising this through separate channels with my "Customer Success Manager" (I think that means Account Manager in English).

  • JohnHJohnH GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    @LewisWestbury Xamarin is now free with Visual Studio, so the features you had with your Indie licence have been upgraded to what was previously the business licence, which was all of Indie plus VS support. Indie wont exist after your subscription expires, it wont auto renew.

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