Reference to MainActivity from another class

I am using DependencyService to perform a Facebook login in each platform.
In my android implementation class I use the I use the Xamarin.Facebook. So the login is performed through:

LoginManager.Instance.LogInWithReadPermissions(this, new List { "public_profile", "user_friends" });

Where (this) is an argument of class Android.App.Activity and it should reference to the Active/Current Activity.

If I replace it with MainActivity it will not run because MainActivity is a class not an instance

How to reference The MainActivity/Current Activity from another class?

Thank you for help.

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  • OussamaAlRifaiOussamaAlRifai AEMember

    @AdamP thank you for response. It is definitely useful.
    But for my solution it was enough to use:
    Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Context as MainActivity

  • RayGoudieRayGoudie CAMember ✭✭

    Your solution is obsolete as of version 2.5. Are there any updated solutions?

  • djgtramdjgtram HUMember ✭✭
    edited May 12

    Your solution is obsolete as of version 2.5. Are there any updated solutions?

    Yes, there is. The plugin mentioned above does exactly this but I don't think you should need to use a Nuget plugin where a single class would do. Add a MainApplication to your Android project:

    public class MainApplication : Application, Application.IActivityLifecycleCallbacks {
      internal static Activity CurrentContext { get; private set; }
      public MainApplication(IntPtr handle, JniHandleOwnership transfer) :
        base(handle, transfer) {
      public override void OnCreate() {
      public override void OnTerminate() {
      public void OnActivityCreated(Activity activity, Bundle savedInstanceState) => CurrentContext = activity;
      public void OnActivityDestroyed(Activity activity) { }
      public void OnActivityPaused(Activity activity) { }
      public void OnActivityResumed(Activity activity) => CurrentContext = activity;
      public void OnActivitySaveInstanceState(Activity activity, Bundle outState) { }
      public void OnActivityStarted(Activity activity) => CurrentContext = activity;
      public void OnActivityStopped(Activity activity) { }

    There is no need to refer to it, just put it among your source files where your main activity is, too. You can refer to the static MainApplication.CurrentContext from anywhere.

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