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Xamarin forms shared project testing

Hi, i have a Xamarin forms shared project (not PCL) with an android project that i am about to start testing. I'm aware of the Xamarin test cloud but dont know much about it, but is that usable with a shared project? if so, is that the only option (apart from Calabash which is not optional) for conducting automated tests? in other words, do i have to use the Xamarin.UITest cloud to do any form of automated tests, or can i not simply just use NUnit in Visual studio to do the testing locally? im just wondering what all the options are to testing my set up.

any help would be appreciated



  • Glenn.WilsonGlenn.Wilson USXamarin Team Xamurai

    @christophergraham.1607 UITest and calabash can be used locally to develop tests that you can run locally as well as in the Xamarin Test Cloud. They both provide a way to test your app through the user interface. The Xamarin Test Cloud enables you to test on many different devices. These are real physical devices, not simulators or emulators, so you can see how your app behaves across a wide range of devices.

    The main entry point for the docs is:

    More information on the Xamarin Test Cloud including an explanatory video, pricing and a free trial signup is at:

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