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Market for simple mini games in Xamarin.Platform

Hi everybody!

We want to start developing our apps in Xamarin.Platform (iOS and Android). The apps are not gaming apps, they are more about city marketing and local commerce.
We would like to implement very simple mini games, for example snake, memory or a quiz. The user plays them for 10 to 60 seconds and (if successful) receives a shopping discount or a vousher for example.

Is there a market to buy such games and implement them in our Xamarin.Platform apps for iOS and Android? If not, how difficult is it to find and hire developers for this specific task and how expensive could that be?
Or do you think we should develop them although we are not game developers and have no experience with game engines like CocosSharp? (Is CocosSharp the best solution for this case?)

Thanks in adavance.

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