How to use MvvmCross.Plugin.BLE in standard BlankApp(Xamarin.Forms Portable)?

I have created standard BlankApp(Xamarin.Forms Portable) in Microsoft Visual Studio. I have added many codes and also developed custom renders for specific platforms.
Now I have to add BLE features to app. And I have seen that MvvmCross.Plugin.BLE is newer version of Monkey.Robotics.
I tried to implement this plugin as in Monkey.Robotics sample.
So I have created IAdapter in App.cs.
In DroidProjec MainActivity.cs I wrote follow code:
var adapter = Mvx.Resolve<MvvmCross.Plugins.BLE.Bluetooth.LE.IAdapter>();

I have checked "" blog. And tried to add above command after LoadApplication(...). Not working now. Of course I added permissions to AndroidManifest.xml.

I think the problem is that I have to create Application deriving from MvvmCross.Core.ViewModels.MvxApplication.
But I want to add this plug in as other plug ins. I don't want change the application structure now. It's too complicated.
Help me. How can I use MvvmCross.Plugin in normal Xamarin.Forms Protable project.

Thank you.

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