New Xamarin Licenses Made Easy

AmyBAmyB USXamarin Team Xamurai

At last week's //Build conference, we introduced the exciting news that Xamarin will now be available for all existing Visual Studio users at no extra cost. In addition, you can start developing with Xamarin in the freely available Community Edition which is available for both Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio.

For Windows developers, Xamarin is included in every edition of Visual Studio, including the Community Edition.

For Mac developers, Xamarin Studio is now available as a benefit of your Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise subscription. You can also use the Xamarin Studio Community Edition for free, allowing you to develop and publish native iOS and Android apps with no limits on app size.

Whether you are a new or existing Xamarin user, or a Mac or Windows developer, we have produced this guide to will walk you through the steps required to get up and running with Xamarin. Start building great cross-platform apps today!

We also have thousands of resources in our Developer Center to help you along the way on your Xamarin journey, in particular we would like to recommend the following guides:


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