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Exception raised when running gobananas

I have found an exception Java.IO.FileNotFoundException: Content/hd/Sounds/tap.xnb

What is the solution.



  • Victor.ChelaruVictor.Chelaru USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    We apologize for the trouble, but Gone Bananas has not kept up with some of the CocosSharp updates. It's being replaced by a new game called "Fruity Falls" which is built against CocosSharp 1.7.1 and has better code structure:

  • ProcogProcog GBMember ✭✭

    Hi Victor, this is a better example than Gone Bananas which was getting very out of date. However, for a more complete working example I think we need to update this example to use both of the following:

    1. Box2d for collision detection.

    Rather than writing your own collision detection, using Box2d for this seems like a common use case. However, I and others are experiencing issues with box2d and Cocosharp 1.7.1. The first issue is it hangs android when you try to create the b2World. The error shown in the console is...

    04-08 09:38:22.263 E/EGL_emulation( 1744): tid 1769: eglMakeCurrent(981): error 0x3002 (EGL_BAD_ACCESS)
    04-08 09:38:22.263 E/libEGL ( 1744): eglMakeCurrent:859 error 3002 (EGL_BAD_ACCESS)

    Secondly on iOS it detects collisions and calls the b2ContactListener on the Simulator, but on an actual iPhone 5 device collisions are either not being detected or the b2ContactListener is not getting called. When I run with Xamarin Profiler no exceptions are logged it just doesn't call the listener.

    1. Particle effects - many games use them

    On Android if I use the back button to leave the game then re-launch it from the Recents screen (square button on Android) the particle effects become corrupted (shown as big black squares). There is an error shown in the profiler on re-launch and it's is similar to the one above - eglMakeCurrent in OpenTK is causing a EGL_BAD_ACCESS error. If you kill the app completely and start it again then everything is back to normal. Interestingly, you only get this error when you "resume" the app from your recents.

    Any chance you could either update the example to show this working or look into these issues?

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