XLabs MVVM NotifyPropertyChanged Raised but Binding not changed

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Hi all,

I try to implement the MVVM pattern using XLabs in my cross-platform app.
I have a ListView binded to a list with a one way mode. My list is asynchronously populated so when I set the bindingContext of my view, my list is still empty.
When the list is populated, the NotifyPropertyChanged is raised but my listview is still empty.

I tried to implement :
-INotifyPropertyChanged directly,
-override ObservableObject method and event with the new keyword,
-used Fody NotifyPropertyChanged with custom EventInvokerNames,
-change List type to ObservableCollection,
-encapsulate my listView in a grid with a rowdefinition height=*

Can you help me please ?

Thanks in advance.

My code below :

public class BusinessRequestListViewModel : XLabs.Forms.Mvvm.ViewModel
private List<BaseBusinessRequestViewModel> _Requests;
public List<BaseBusinessRequestViewModel> Requests
get { return _Requests; }
set {
       _Requests = value;
       this.OnPropertyChanged(new System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangedEventArgs(nameof(Requests))); // RAISED
       this.NotifyPropertyChanged(nameof(Requests)); // RAISED

My Xaml
<ListView ItemsSource="{Binding Requests, Mode=OneWay}" IsPullToRefreshEnabled="true" RefreshCommand="{Binding ReloadCommand}">

ViewModel Creation
public class MainViewModel : MasterDetailPage

        public MainViewModel()
            Page detail = ViewFactory.CreatePage(typeof(BusinessRequestListViewModel), null, null) as Page;

            App.NavPage = new NavigationPage(detail);
            this.Detail = App.NavPage;
                    .Register<INavigationService>(t => new NavigationService(this.Detail.Navigation));


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