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App freezes and crash for device on ARM64 IOS

IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭

So, I just finished my app and was about to publish(universal app), but I cant get it too work with the required ARM64 architecture.
I've attached my references list, which shouldn't be a problem, unless I need to add different references for ARM64(?)

The app works totally fine for ARMv7 + ARMv7s, but once i add ARM64 to that mix it shows the launch image, then crashes without any error..

Project started in January with a Cocosharp-template.
Just updated all NuGet packages.

I've seen this question:
But I can't see the bugzilla bug, or if it's been answered?

Do anyone know anything about this issue?

Additional information:
LLVM crashes the app, but without it the app starts, but no scheduling works. (MenuItemImages buttons doesn't respond. Nothing.)


  • IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭

    Works on simulators like expected, though it's not the same architectures there..

  • IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭
    edited April 2016

    Okey, i made a sample solution with the problem.

    The problem ONLY occurs with LLVM and ARM64 connected, when you use anyhing with Scheduler.
    Uncomment my Schedule(...) usage in GameLayer to make it compile again.
    LLVM + armv7+armv7s
    armv7+arm7s+arm64 without LLVM
    both works...

    Kriteria for bug:
    arm64+LLVM+ usage of Scheduler(action, float) + release on device.

    Where is the best place to post this bug?

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