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ADB commands on XTC using ruby, calabash

UmarAminUmarAmin USMember ✭✭

Hi, we're running our tests on the cloud using Ruby and Calabash.
We have a bunch of tests that uses ADB commands for various things on Android. E.g.

#{default_device.adb_command} shell getprop
#{default_device.adb_command} shell dumpsys window
#{default_device.adb_command} shell input keyevent KEYCODE_BACK
#{default_device.adb_command} shell content insert --uri content://settings/system --bind name:s:user_rotation --bind value:i:1

It works fine locally, but on the cloud none of them seems to return any values or perform the action we want.

But on the other hand, some adb commands are working fine; eg
#{default_device.adb_command} devices

Why can we not run all ADB commands on Xamarin Test Cloud, any workarounds?

(another thing, is there any way to print out text in the Test Log on the cloud? just using puts("my text") in my tests does not seem to work. I had to fail my test with raise("my text") to be able to see any specific output in the log.)

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