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CocosSharp and OpenGL in one layer

Hi, im new in developing a game and i need your help. I m developing using Cocossharp and i want to use OpenGL features in one layer.

Here is my question:
1. Is it possible to have CocosSharp and OpenGLview in same layer, or somehow to display cocossharp content and openGl object in same layer ?
2. Is there any way to have openGl and cocossharp in one app?
3. Is it all possible to do in cross platform app (iOS/Android)?

Many thanks for any advice


  • rr2d2rr2d2 USMember ✭✭

    @MatejCehula I am wondering the same thing, and am curious if you found a way to write custom OpenGl in a CocosSharp Game view? Or if you didn't did you find an alternative solution that is working for you ?

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