April 12th: Sydney: //Build Announcements, Android Material Design, Azure Mobile Apps & App Services

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Date: April 12th
Location: North Sydney
Register here: http://www.meetup.com/SydneyMobileDotNetDevelopers/

I'm pleased to announce that, thanks to Mitchell Tilbrook, we are beginning to record our talks and make them available on youtube.

This month's talk will be MC'd by Ian Jones again, as I'm away on leave. I'm sure there'll be some discussion around the recent Microsoft //Build announcements and the new ways to use the Xamarin tools for free.

Main Presentations:

Speaker: Michael Ridland.

Michael is a Xamarin MVP that you can find working over at www.xam-consulting.com and blogging at www.michaelridland.com

Title: Azure Mobile Apps and App Services

Description: Azure Mobile Services will soon be obsolete. It's being replaced by Apps Service and Mobile Apps. In this session we'll go over App Services, how they are different from Azure Mobile Services, and also what's not changed.

Speaker: Mitchell Tilbrook

Title: Android Material Design

Description: Android Material design is a design specification for creating natural and easy to use applications. But while having a specification is nice, implementing it is another story. When material design was released, it was only available on Android Lollipop, since then google has back ported material desing. In this talk i will cover how you can use material design in older version of android using AppCompat and the design library from Google.

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