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Jagger911Jagger911 NLMember


I've worked with the Xamarin Mac Agent with varied success, however today I can't get it to work. It connects to the Mac Agent without any issues. It starts all the agents and shows as connected. It also detects my physical iPhone device. However it can't retrieve profile information, sdk information or launch an emulator.

My device is running iOS 9.3.1. I have an iPhone 6s emulator with iOS 9.3 that is not detected. All other simulators are removed from xcode. I am running xamarin with xamarin iOS Just the stable channel latest update (updated today). My Mac is running version 10.11.4, my xcode 7.3 and iOS I realize this version is different, however these are both from the stable channel.

Trying to deploy to my phone takes forever and results in nothing happening in the end. I've attached a log file.

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