Is it correct that there's no more XS for Windows, and will I be able to debug with VS?

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Now that Xamarin is freely available in Visual Studio Community Edition (great news), the Pricing page does not list any prices, just links to downloading IDEs.

The Xamarin Studio on this page is described as "IDE for Mac users," whereas Visual Studio is "IDE for Windows."

Is my understanding correct that Xamarin Studio is no more offered/developed/supported for Windows?

And if so, is my understanding correct that, as a Windows 7 user, I will not be able to debug my Xamarin apps on an emulator, because Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition system requirements state that

For emulator support (Windows or Android), Windows 8.1 (x64) Professional edition or later or Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise (x64) editions are required.

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  • SamuelDebruynSamuelDebruyn BEMember

    Also, Xamarin for Visual Studio still doesn't have complete IntelliSense in .axml files.

  • For me that means no upgrade to new versions.

    I use VS to write code and XS to deploy and debug on Android - Deploy&Debug is much faster and reliable in XS.

    For example VS is breaking on every exception (even handled) in Debug, not reflecting Exception settings etc.

  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai
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    @MichalDobrodenka we'll be making sure those issues are fixed! In the meantime, we'll still be shipping XS updates on Windows.

  • @mhutch Thank you for info, hope for better Xamarin.Android VS plugin.

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