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Honeywell device scanning problem

NinineaNininea USUniversity ✭✭✭

Hey , I use binding library for honeywell android device to integrate scanner in my xamarin application. It was working in old version of honeywell device (Delphin 70e - api 16), now I have installed it in api level 19 , device D75E and couldn't get scanned result.

here is application log, please help:

[DecodeManager] Success: DecodeManager()
[ContextImpl] Implicit intents with startService are not safe: Intent { } android.content.ContextWrapper.bindService:517<init>:211 
[DecodeManager] Fail: bindDecoderService()
[System.err]$NameNotFoundException: Application package not found
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at android.content.ContextWrapper.createPackageContext(
[System.err]    at<init>(
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at<init>(
[System.err]    at ge.ibs.scannify.DocumentDetails.n_onResume(Native Method)
[System.err]    at ge.ibs.scannify.DocumentDetails.onResume(
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at$800(
[System.err]    at$H.handleMessage(
[System.err]    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
[System.err]    at android.os.Looper.loop(
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
[System.err]    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
[System.err]    at$
[System.err]    at
[System.err]    at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
[Mono] DllImport attempting to load: '__Internal'.
[Mono] DllImport loaded library '(null)'.
[Mono] DllImport searching in: '__Internal' ('(null)').
[Mono] Searching for 'monodroid_get_system_property'.
[Mono] Probing 'monodroid_get_system_property'.
[Mono] Found as 'monodroid_get_system_property'.
[Mono] DllImport searching in: '__Internal' ('(null)').
[Mono] Searching for 'monodroid_free'.
[Mono] Probing 'monodroid_free'.
[Mono] Found as 'monodroid_free'.
[Timeline] Timeline: Activity_idle id: [email protected] time:7236316
Resolved pending breakpoint at 'ProductFragment.cs:107,1' to void Scannify.ProductFragment.<dialog_DialogDismissed>m__0 (object obj, System.EventArgs ev) [0x0006f].
[Mono] Assembly Ref addref IBS Warehouse[0x6375eb30] -> System.Core[0x64e20d40]: 6
Resolved pending breakpoint at 'ProductAdapter.cs:198,1' to void Scannify.ProductAdapter.UpdateAdapterData (int productID, decimal? quantity, decimal? addQuantity, string comment) [0x00000].
[DecodeManager] doDecode
[DecodeManager] =========Error:mDecoderService is null=============

and every click of scan button application says the same :Error:mDecoderService is null

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