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Hugo.2009Hugo.2009 NLUniversity ✭✭

Since a few weeks or so, when clicking a class on the XU /classes webpages, no popover dialog shows up anymore on my Windows/IE and Mac/Safari machines. Both at work and at home. It does work on Windows/Chrome at work. Obviously something has changed, but I can't found out what exactly. Resetting IE and rebooting doesn't fix the issue. What could be done to resolve it?


  • AdamDunnAdamDunn USXamarin Team, University, XamUProfessors Xamurai

    Hi Hugo,

    My only thought is that at the time you were using the site, there was some down time/lag on the server. We are hosted on Azure, and it has at times given us some difficulties. How is it working for you at the moment?


  • Hugo.2009Hugo.2009 NLUniversity ✭✭

    Currently it is still not working. This should be a an OS/browser issue, as I described in my question. When I check the developer tools when clicking a class, the following javascript error occurs:
    window.location='#xam101-setup';loadRegistrationPopUp('1'); 'loadRegistrationPopUp' is undefined
    File: script block (16), Line: 1, Column: 33

    Could you help me based on this error message?

  • AdamDunnAdamDunn USXamarin Team, University, XamUProfessors Xamurai

    Wow! Thanks for the feedback! This is very helpful, as I cannot reproduce the error at all. I will see what I can do to get this resolved. In the mean time, will Chrome suffice?

  • Hugo.2009Hugo.2009 NLUniversity ✭✭

    I could use Chrome for now, but it's quite unhandy (I follow my study mainly on my Mac, where I can't use Chrome, and use XS, so I have to switch machines all the time). Please get back to me in this forum as soon as you have more info (probably the website needs an update...).

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