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Unable to access WCF service hosted in IIS Express from an Android mobile in the same subnet

BachuBachu INMember

Dear All,

I am following the Xamarin guide for creating a WCF service and consuming from an android device in the same subnet.
Both the devices are connecting to same home Wifi network.

Device 1:
Laptop: Development machine (WCF Service hosted here)
OS: Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition
Ip Address:
Web Server: IIS Express

Device 2:
Mobile: WCF Client
OS: Android 6.0 with debugger mode enabled
Ip Address:

I could run the HelloWorld sample from my developer machine and I could connect to the service running at
from the Android Emulator client. Please see the IIS express screenshot attached for the WCF service sites listed.

Then I deployed the client to my Android mobile and then tried to trigger the WCF operations it failed.
It threw an EndPointNotFoundException (attached)
System error -> System.Net.WebException:Error: Connection failure (No route to host)

I followed section "Configuring Remote Access to IIS Express" step "IIS Express to Accept Remote connections".
Also I added port 9898 as a exception to Firewall(even disabled the Windows Firewall).

I tried accessing from mobile but I couldn't.
Even ping doesn't work from mobile to developer machine using (Ping App).

Environment I am in:
Both the devices are connected to same WIFI connection through a Wireless router(Belkin 300N).
I could see both the devices are in same subnet with the IP addresses. Even I tried with another laptop in same Wifi network, I couldn't access the WCF service exposed in developer machine.

Anybody faced a similar issue accessing WCF service hosted in Windows 10 IIS Express.
Please point me if I am missing something which blocks access to WCF service hosted in the developer machine.



  • PamPam PHMember

    Have you managed to solve it? Because this is my current problem.

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