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BindableProperty Pieces Obsoleting

We have noticed this in our builds now:

CS0618 'BindableProperty.Create<TDeclarer, TPropertyType>(Expression<Func<TDeclarer, TPropertyType>>, TPropertyType, BindingMode, BindableProperty.ValidateValueDelegate<TPropertyType>, BindableProperty.BindingPropertyChangedDelegate<TPropertyType>, BindableProperty.BindingPropertyChangingDelegate<TPropertyType>, BindableProperty.CoerceValueDelegate<TPropertyType>, BindableProperty.CreateDefaultValueDelegate<TDeclarer, TPropertyType>)' is obsolete: 'Generic versions of Create () are no longer supported and deprecated. They will be removed soon.'

Any clue when Xamarin is actually going to remove this?

It's used in many code examples for implementing Behaviors and since Xamarin has access to the .NET & WPF code base, will they be transitioning to the "real" WPF Behaviors API? (I have used Corrado's implementation in the past) We have 3 or 4 Behaviors / extended controls (ViewCell and Picker) we will need to modify. What is the migration path going forward with the new API landscape

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