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Apple Pay with Stripe

RizwanAhmedRizwanAhmed USUniversity

Hi There,

I have written a sample Apple Pay app using Stripe component. I have tested it in simulator and it pops up Apple Pay payment sheet. After deploying it to device even though CanSubmitPaymentRequest returns true but nothing shows up using the following code:

var paymentController = StripeClient.PaymentController (

PresentViewController (paymentController, true, null);

Am I missing anything?


  • RizwanAhmedRizwanAhmed USUniversity

    Ok, Found it. I had different merchant IDs in the app vs in the Entitlements.

  • DavidCohenDavidCohen ILMember

    Hi Rizwan,

    Can you share your sample ?

    Thanks a lot .

  • Pooja105Pooja105 Member ✭✭

    Hi Rizwan, Were you able to implement Apple Pay using Stripe successfully?

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