iPhone 4 device not showing up in Xamarin Studio


I have a bug that only appears on iPhone 4 and so I need to debug my application on an iPhone 4 device. I have 2 of them, one with iOS 7.0 the other with iOS 6.0.1. I have provisioning profiles for all my devices, and all of the other devices (iPhone 5-6-6plus) show up when debugging in Xamarin studio, but not the iPhone 4's. When I plug them in iTunes starts, and xCode can see them. I can see that the provisioning profile is on the devices via xCode.

I can even install and run my app on the devices via xCode so the app can surely run on the device. But still it doesn't show up in Xamarin Studio. And I want to be able to set breakpoints and debug the code.

The deployment target is 6.0
The iPhone project is set as startup project.
The profile is Debug / iPhone and it works as it should on all other devices.

all I see when plugging in the iPhone 4 devices is "iOS Device" greyed out.

Anyone has any ideas what this can be about?

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  • Same issue on my side

    • Xamarin Studio 5.10.3
    • Xcode 7.1.1 (9081) / Mac OS X 10.10.5
    • Xamarin.iOS Version: (Business Edition)
    • Xamarin.Android Version: (Business Edition)

    (iPad Air WiFi) MD785SL/A with iOS 7.1.2 (11D257) is not displaying on devices list.

  • BartoszRozmusBartoszRozmus USMember

    The same issue on side with iPad Air iOS 7.1 isn't visible in Xamarin Studio.

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